Nia is a fusion fitness program that was developed in the 1980s where 9 Western and Far Eastern forms of movement interact.
It combines dance, martial arts and body therapy forms into a workout where you sweat, laugh and recharge your batteries like you have never done before.
At the same time you will achieve incredible flexibility, suppleness, strength and fitness. With joie de vivre you get to know your self-healing powers.
Anyone who regularly practices Nia, has a much better body awareness and develops more strength and flexibility, even after a short time of practice.
A Nia Hour is a constant change of yin and yang, of expressiveness and power.
When we practice Nia we move barefoot to increase the physical perception through the sole of the foot even deeper.


The art of self-healing.
Nia 5 Stages are an integrative movement practice based on the five stages of human development:
embryonic – creep – crawl – stand – go. The conscious passing through the five stages, results in an optimal erection of the body.

In one Nia 5 Stages hour, the body is set up anew. The bodily functions (such as digestion, etc.) are promoted. With the Nia 5 Stages you get a tool for mobility, flexibility, agility to regain and maintain strength and stability.



52 Moves is a modern high intensity interval training, combining the latest scientific findings with the classic Nia movements.

These are natural movements that correspond to the human body and consider the functional image of the body.

  • It is a cardiovascular conditioning experience during the workout
  • It promotes a better perception of the own body
  • It improves the mobility of all joints of the body
  • It strengthens the entire body, improves dexterity and muscle tone


It is a Nia hour for people who face special physical challenges like injuries or other restrictions, and therefore a strong need to feel better.

The movements are adjusted in such a way that the participants can consciously perceive and execute every movement, thereby significantly improving the quality of life. We work with simplified forms of movement, at a slower pace or sometimes even while sitting. Meanwhile we laugh and sweat – as in every other Nia hour.

Because Nia is there for everyone.



Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that originated in Ashtanga Yoga. In this yoga style, attempts are made to combine breathing and movement to create a feeling of flow.
In creative and dynamic movements, new asanas and postures are learned and strengthened. In addition to flexibility, power and balance, relaxation should not be neglected. Breathing and attentiveness exercises help to bring more satisfaction and balance into the often stressful everyday life.


In our western life it is not easy to get into a meditative state. In the Kundalini meditation, sections such as shaking, moving around freely, dancing and sounds prepare the mind for an inner silence and meditative state.
The goal is to reduce the physical, mental, intellectual and emotional tensions and to achieve more and more inner peace, balance and silence.

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