Activating Online Events

A short impulse for your Zoom meetings, online trainings or conferences – to activate or just as a movement break – brings your participants more concentration and success!

Short exercises to activate your participants and bring them into movement

Since we moved a lot of events to Covid we know: long meetings, trainings or conferences in front of a screen are exhausting and not very agile. Although we need the participants to be agile in thinking and acting.

Activation is needed in all phases of an online event:

Even at the start of an online event, the energy is lower due to our expectations.
Sitting for a long time and concentrating on the screen, we are not as receptive as in an environment with movement.
During breaks, we grab a coffee or something to eat, but the break is too short for purposeful movement.
At the end of the day, we are overwhelmed by the impressions, quickly close the computer and manage to consciously reflect on what we have experienced only to a limited extent.

Our offer of activation for online conferences includes 5 individually bookable modules that ensure

– that your event conveys lightness and liveliness,

– you meet with positive and motivated people to develop ideas together and

– a smile remains on your face in the evening.


5 Modules

1. Attunement – Creating the Space (time 10-15 min).
Arrive in the space and connect with the group. Attune the mind to the day, to the new. Look forward to the new and be free in spirit for it. Breathing exercises and meditation provide a good start.

2. Wake up session – warm up for the day (time 10-15 min)
Activate and recharge your batteries for the day. Move through the body, warm up joints and muscles and get ready for online time. We move with music and the NIA technique.

3 Activate your Body – Get Moving – (10-15 min)
Refresh body and mind, make space for new things in the mind and body. We move with music, enjoy the short time out for the mind and regenerate for the next sessions. We move with music and the NIA technique.

4 Clearing the Space – Closing (10-15 min)
Let the day come to an end and reflect in a mindful way. Pay attention to breathing, end the day consciously. Meditation to take away the experiences and insights of the day.

5. Out of the head into the body (30-60 min)
Get out of the content work and into the movement. Unburden the head and get into the body, relax, have fun, regenerate. Feeling and being carried by the music. We move with music and the NIA technique.
This can be booked as a complete session.


  • Modules 1-4:
    from 200 Euro per module  
  • Module 5:
    from 400 Euro for 30 min. Session


  • Package Online-Event Light (3 Modules from 1-4):
    from 600 Euro per day 
  • Package Online-Event-Activation (3 Module from 1-5):
    from 1000 Euro per day

Aktivierung für Online Events

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